All We Can Soup Lunch - November 2019

by Pannal Methodist Church
Posted at 15:49pm on 18th November 2019

After the morning service we had a coffee in the church followed by a quiz on Malawi, which was great fun and we all learnt new facts about the country.  There were plenty of laughter between the groups and during the discussions as they were trying to get the answers.

Once the quiz had concluded we then proceeded into the school room. On the menu this year was Green and Orange soup.

The green soup was Cream of Courgette & Spinach and the orange soup was Sweet Potato & Coconut. There was also an option to have a baked potato should you wish as well as plenty of bread on the tables.

There was one ingredient in both soups and that ingredient was potatoes which was the theme for the all we can lunch.

Both soups went down well and there was a lively buzz in the room as people were having lunch.

The desserts were all homemade and they consisted of Trifle, Pavlova, Strudel, Crumble and cheese and biscuits. These desserts went down well too.

Thanks to everyone for everyone who came or contributed to the food as it wouldn’t happen without you, the money we raised was £

Overall the lunch was a great success and with my regards to my first experience well I will be going back there next year as the soups are not ones to be missed.

I just wonder what colour they will be next year!