Gift Day 2019 - 9th June 2019

by Pannal Methodist Church
Posted at 16:23pm on 30th May 2019

Gift Day

Last year at the Gift Day we raised around £3375 which was set aside for Church Projects.  At the last Property and Finance Meeting (now Church Matters) the decision was taken to hold fire spending the money until we had completed the Electrical Inspection work and we also knew a Quinquennial Inspection was due on the building last October.  This was delayed by the circuit appointing new Quinquennial architects but the inspection was completed at the end of April 2019 and we’re just awaiting the report.  We know there will be some expense in dealing with a Silver Birch tree next to Wesley Cottage which is ‘not very well’.  So far the following has been spent:


                New screens in Church and Hall           £794.73

                Electrical Inspection                                    £1128 less a grant of £825

                Churches Together Leaflets etc            £300


Much of the rest of the funds raised last year have been used to plug a gap between income and expenditure, particularly Circuit Assessments. 


On Sunday 9th June it will be this year’s Gift Day.  The stewards are recommending a new pattern - a £500 donation to a charity (in future years to be chosen by Community Matters) and the rest to go to Church Projects.  As a church we have some fundraising opportunities we’re waiting on:


 - we’ve recently applied for some Community money from the Dunlopillo site redevelopment

- we’re in this year’s Co-op Community Fund for new chairs for the hall

- we’ve raised nearly £100 through EasyFundraising (although this could be a lot higher if other members sign up to this)


We don’t know how much we will receive from these applications but we do need to redecorate the Hall, apse at the front of Church and the Devotional Room; we’d like to get a dishwasher in the kitchen (and if the Section 106 funds allow we’d really like to refresh the whole kitchen); we could do with upgrading the PC in church - it’s running on Windows Vista for which support from Microsoft ended on 11th April 2017!  We’d also really like to install a ceiling mounted projector in the Hall for Film Nights.


As regards a charity donation from this year’s Gift Day, the Circuit Meeting recently agreed to support the Nursery School in Banjokoto, The Gambia, paying for meals for 90 children there everyday at a cost of roughly £1300/year.  This is the nursery school that Doug and Christine Baker along with Bill and Mavis Lewis have been supporting for a number of years since Doug and Christine went to The Gambia on mission there a number of years ago.  Offerings at circuit services will go towards supporting this but churches are being encouraged to support the work.  The stewards are suggesting that we give this year’s Gift Day charity donation of £500 to the circuit to support this work.


So what are we asking from you for Gift Day 2019?  We’d love to support the work of the nursery school in The Gambia alongside strengthening our own work through the projects we have planned as a church.  Please consider what you can give towards this work?