Letter from our Minister - May 2019

by Pannal Methodist Church
Posted at 16:22pm on 30th May 2019

Dear friends


‘Martha was distracted by her many tasks’ (Luke 10:40)


I wonder if you were honest what your house is really like.  Some people seem to put things away even before they have finished using them.  Others seem to be able to live with piles of things all around them.  I do like a tidy study!  There are times when I have to simply stop working and put things away and woe betide anyone who dare come into the study and either put something down or even worse move things!  Interesting really as I hate putting shopping away or unpacking at the end of a holiday. 


Sometimes in life we have to stop and get things organised.  In a sense that’s what we’ve been doing at Pannal over the last few months.  At the Church Council in February we brought our old system of committee meetings to an end and are in the process of launching new ‘teams’.  This is about clearing the decks and so as a church we can focus on what is important.  The key behind the new structure is that it is nimble and light-touch.  The teams meet three times a year and as a church we’re trying to encourage people to only be on one team, and certainly not for the rest of their natural life!   We don’t have Committee Chairs, we have lay co-ordinators.  Church Matters will look after finance and property (replacing the old Property and Finance Committee); Spiritual Matters will look after all things worship and spiritual (replacing the old Worship Committee); Community Matters will look after our reach into the community and the world (a brand new group but lightening the load of the other teams). 


The aim in this is to allow us as a church to be truly church and to allow those with an interest or gifting in an area to actually get on with things.  This should let us overall be a Gospel-focused church - putting the good news of Jesus before everything else.  This is where Martha was going wrong when Jesus came to their house.  The story isn’t an excuse for an untidy house but actually about getting things ready so that our focus can truly be on him.  In good ‘tidying up’ fashion it may take a little while to sort things out but I’m sure we’ll get there and then as a church we can truly focus on him!


Yours in Christ